Renita Martin is a Music and Podcast producer, with an interest in podcasts focused on employee communications, poetry, social justice. She is also a Vocal coach and director who enjoys working with artists, helping them prepare for shows and auditions as well as producing and directing gospel choirs. She is a prolific Jingle writer for artists and television shows. As a matter of fact, she wrote the jingles for two currently running podcasts: “Jump at the Sun” and Sharon Bridgforth’s “Who Yo People is?”

Recent Projects

Sharon Bridgforth’s work is heavily influenced by blues, jazz, and gospel. She asked me to write something “gospelly” for the jingle which also features her daughter, Sonya Perryman as the vocalist. I coached and rehearsed with Sonya on Zoom and even with the distance that technology imposes, the warmth, energy, and tone of the work shines through.

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Inspired by the limitless possibilities bursting from the title of the podcast and the passion and drive Tulaine Montgomery (the podcast host,) I played with chord progressions and runs to create a jazzy jingle. “Jump at the Sun” is a celebration of those working to advance justice. The heartbeat of justice runs through the melody.

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The Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority contracted me to create a music video for middle school students. Not only did I leap at the chance to write the music, I also brought together vocalists, musicians, dancers, MBTA employees, and community members to create the video.

Music Producer

Writing original music, arranging compositions, sound-mixing and mastering audio in post-production.


Provide a theme, goal, tone and genre of your brand, you’ll receive a jingle suited to your production and message.


Handling the scripting, talent coaching and technical production (recording, editing, mixing and mastering) of your podcast.


Telly Award” for best music video

Ebony Magazine’s and Pine Sol’s “Unsung Hero Award”